Cyber Guard

Cyber Guard

First of Kind, Intellectual Social Responsibility Initiative in India

  • It’s network of Intellectual Team:Academicians / Bureaucrats / Cyber Lawyers / Cyber Safety Enthusiast & Digital Wellbeing Experts.
  • Develop Technologies i.e. iOS and Android Mobile Applications.
  • Research on all types of Social Engineering Crimes happening on Social Media Platforms.
  • Single and Double Credit Courses for Universities and Autonomous Colleges
  • Women & Child Safety Book
  • Apps on Social Profiling (OSINT Tools)
  • Apps on Predictive Behaviors (OSINT Tools)
  • Downloadable Digital Wellbeing Kits
  • Develop Content for Single and Double Credit Courses for Universities and Autonomous Colleges / Visuals / New Areas of Research / Women & Child Safety Book / Smart Phone Addiction Therapy & Smart Phone Addiction Standard Clinical Scale.
  • Toll Free Support Number

Digital Wellbeing Credit Courses Reference – Published Books

(Wil be available Print on Demand from October 2020)

  • Uncovering Fake NewsISBN: 978-81-946731-0-1
  • Is Privacy a Myth? ISBN: 978-81-946731-4-9
  • Consent & Data Why is it Different Online ? ISBN: 978-81-946731-6-3
  • Cyberbullying ISBN: 978-81-946731-1-8
  • Digital Parenting ISBN: 978-81-946731-7-0
  • Digital AddictionISBN: 978-81-946731-8-7
  • Cyber Crime Against Women and ChildrenISBN: 978-81-946731-2-5
  • Managing Negative Comments OnlineISBN: 978-81-946731-5-6
  • Impact of Digital Technology on Human Wellness*ISBN: 978-81-946731-9-4
Note: Done by Intellectual Teams both External and Internal who are Experts in Internet Ethics and Digital Wellbeing.

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