Cyber Rakshak

Cyber Rakshak

First of Kind, Student Social Responsibility Initiative in India

Who is Cyber Rakshak:

  • The One Who Advocates for Digital Safety.
  • (Ideally an Existing Ambassadors of Colleges / Schools who are trained / mentored by End Now team and Industry Experts)

Cyber Rakshak Program Objective:

  • Advocacy on Digital Safety
  • Accessible Information to All
  • Reduce Victims of Cyber Crime
  • De Addiction Support

Contributions by Cyber Rakshak:

  • Total Of 30 Cyber Rakshaks for State
  • Min Of (04) Sessions in An Academic Year Per Cyber Rakshak
  • Taking Random Feedback / Surveys
  • Reporting Individual Concerns to Cyber Crime Team
  • Act as Digital Wellbeing Guide’s
  • Mentoring New Cyber Rakshak
  • Note: All Talks Will Be Mandatorily Along with Any One Member From (Police And Psychiatrist / Cyber Safety Experts / Cyber Lawyers of End Now Foundation)

Topics Covered by Cyber Rakshak:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Addiction
  • Monitoring & Controlling Social Media
  • Fake News
  • Statistics
  • Digital Detox
  • Social Engineering Crimes
  • Privacy Controls
  • Digital Health
  • Digital Parenting
  • Online Reputation
  • Cyber Laws
  • Digital Safety Tips
  • Digital Wellbeing

Benefits of Cyber Rakshak:

  • Networking / Society Connect
  • Supporting Social Cause
  • Certificate of Internship
  • Cyber Rakshak Medal
  • Coverage on Social Media as Ambassadors
  • Awards and Felicitations
  • Freebies by Corporates
  • Other Value Adds
  • Short Films
  • Laws & Rights
  • Submitting Petitions
  • Professional Mentor

Value Addition to Attendees:

  • Creative Presentation
  • Creative Visuals
  • Creative Practices
  • Creative Competitions

Teams Involved:

  • Advocacy on Digital Safety in Association with She Teams (Telangana Police), Task Telangana (Min Of It) And CSR Division Of Corporates.
    • End Now Foundation: Content, Visuals, Training, Selection & Implementation of Cyber Rakshak Program
    • Women Safety (She Team - Telangana Police): Women (Teen & Adolescent) Reach Partner, Cyber Crime Support
    • Task (Min of IT): College Reach Partner & Cyber Rakshak Selection Support
    • DSCI & Cyber Security CoE – Corporate Reach

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