Digital Wellbeing Credit Courses

Digital Wellbeing Credit Courses

First of Kind, College Social Responsibility Initiative in India

Purpose Digital Wellbeing Credit Course :

  • To spread awareness of the risks and of the strategies we can use to create a better relationship with digital technologies.
  • Assess relationship with digital technologies and to safeguard our wellbeing.
  • Acquaint with formal knowledge on digital wellbeing.

Course Objectives & Beneficiaries :

    The training Programs are designed to help people realise the need of balance with technology that is appropriate for the varying requirements.

Course Out Comes - Three Pillar Approach :

  • Digital Security - Tools & Techniques
    a) Uncovering Fake News
    b) Is Privacy is a Myth?
    c) Consent & Data Why Is It Different Online?
  • Digital Safety - Physical & Psychological Wellbeing
    a) Cyberbullying
    b) Digital Parenting
    c) Digital Addiction
    d) Social Media Management
  • Digital Spirit - Legal and Ethical Issues
    a) Cyber Crime Against Women and Children
    b) Managing Negative Comments Online
    c) Impact of Digital Technology on Human Wellness
    d) Social Engineering Crimes

Course Details :

  • a) Single Credit – 15 Hours
  • b) Double Credit – 30 Hours

  • i. Mode of Session: Online Sessions: Videos 30% + Extra Curricular Activities 70%
  • ii. Online Examination Included: 1 Hour
  • iii. Online Mock Exam: Available
  • iv. Audience: University, Colleges, Corporates, Parents & Individual above 18+ Years
  • v. Completion: One Academic Year

Co-Curricular Activities :

  • Assignments (In writing and doing forms on the aspects of syllabus content and outside the syllabus content - Individual and Challenging)
  • Student Seminars - Quiz and Group Discussions - On topics of the syllabus and related aspects (Individual activity)

Create Commons – For Sharing :

  • Create Accounts for all Social Networking Sites and Explore.
  • Create a Messenger Groups (WhatsApp)
  • Create Google Groups & Google Drive – For Sharing Digital Wellbeing Related Information
  • Register for one online course through any of the online learning platforms like SWAYAM, Udemy & Coursera.

Establish Digital Wellbeing Council :

  • Conduct workshops to educate and create awareness.
  • Encourage the students and faculty members to sign an offline/online Pledge for better Digital Wellness.
  • Conduct theme-based competitions as part of Digital Wellbeing Councils.
  • Appoint one digital-safety counsellor at the campus (1 Teacher/Lecturer & 3 Cyber Rakshaks).

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