Detect Fake News

Detect Fake News

Fake News :-

    Fake News is news, stories or hoaxes created to deliberately misinform or deceive people. Usually, these stories are created to either influence people’s views, push a political agenda or cause confusion and can often be a profitable for many.
    Our civilisation is built up on our ability to distinguish Fact from Fiction. What would happen to our communities, our business, our government if we can’t trust what we read, hear or see?
    What we know, what we believe, to be true determine how to act, how we elect our leaders, decision changing politics and even start wars.
    Soon things are about to get really weird. Right now, technology exists to steer your voice, like anyway you wanted. Video of yours can be taken to replace real time facial re-enactment and this fake view, can interact with you in real time environment. With this technology we can create a social media army of automated actors to spread the videos.
    This is incredible and terrifying which happens with AI assisted voice and video manipulation. False posts have created communal commotions, few posts have caused mob lynching of innocents assumed to be child kidnappers.
    How much worse it will be for a provocation where one can easily create a fake rumour posing it as true? Criminals can walk free as they can claim their video is manipulated
    What happens if everything true is not believed? Technology is a threat multiplier and it can increase the overall suspicion, outrage, hatred and violence.
    Whether you are concerned about climate change or pandemics, Countries must come together to address global challenges, but how can we work together when we don’t trust anything?
    The easier fakes to detect the faster it’s to train the AI to make us even more convincing fakes, forgers are likely to win the battle at the end. It is to prevent institution from crossing over threshold. We need to shore up the market place if ideas, camera and distribution platforms (social media, vide uploading sites, search engines and messaging sites) should capture where and when the video / photo is captured.
    Right now, we are in the time where sensationalism is rewarded because it attracts attention, it manipulates beliefs and drives people to act. A convincing fake can be naturally viral, now sensationalism and forgery are more than reality.
    We should invest in systems to recognise and reward good actors over bad actors. Finally, forgery detection and authenticity detection and authenticity infrastructure can help, but more traditional journalism and fact checking is need of the hour.

Understand the Terms of Fake News:-

  • Misinformation : Information that is false, but the person who is disseminating it believes that it is true.
  • Disinformation :Information that is false, and the person who is disseminating it knows it is false. It is deliberate, intentional

Types of Fake News as per First Draft:-

  • False Connection : When headlines, visuals or captions don’t support the content.
  • False Context : When genuine content is shared with false contextual information.
  • Manipulated Content : When genuine information or imagery is manipulated to deceive
  • Satire or Parody : No Intention to cause harm but has potential to fool.
  • Imposter Content : When genuine sources are impersonated.
  • Fabricated Content : Content that is 100% False designed to deceive and do harm.
  • Propaganda : When content is used to manage attitudes, values and knowledge.
  • Sponsored Content : Advertising or PR disguised as editorial content.

How to Filter the Fake News on Social Media & Internet:-

  • Source : Consider the source from reputed new channel or newspaper only, do not rely on forwarded messages. on social media.
  • Website URL : Check if its legitimate i.e. ( for government, .edu for education etc.)
  • Author : Take a minute to check who’s the Author and his credibility in the past. Fake ones do not have their names and signature.
  • Headline : Red beyond headline, meaning read the entire article to understand the viewpoint and tone of the message or article.
  • Disregard your bias : Many people watch news or stories that confirm their own beliefs or biases and fake news can prey on these biases.
  • Get a Second Opinion : If a story makes you angry, dig deeper, consult a known contact or consult fact checking agencies like

Few Fake News During Difficulty Times - COVID19:-

  • An image of a city in Italy with several dead bodies.
  • Jio lifetime free recharge for Rs.498/-
  • Images of several people lying on the ground screaming for help.
  • There's a cure for Novel Corona virus mentioned in a book by Dr. Ramesh Gupta.
  • Dr. Naresh Trehan from Vedanta Hospital has appealed for national emergency.
  • Image of a doctor couple who treated 134 patients before succumbing to the virus.
  • Russia has unleashed 500 lions on the road to keep people indoors.
  • Images of coffins lined up in Italy.
  • Swans swimming Venice
  • Graphical representation of COVID19 current patient statistics
  • State Board Intermediate 7th Class Biology book already has the corona virus information
  • Fake Excise Office letter claiming Liquor shops are open during COVID19 lockdown period
  • Ambulances carrying patients edited and shown as COVID19 effected patients – Got Arrested
  • Anti NRC / CAA clip forwarded as current happening in Hyderabad – Got Arrested
  • Social Media Posting saying their friends have got affected with Corona Virus – Got Arrested

What to do as an Individual about Fake News in difficult Times of COVID19:-

  • Do a google reverse image check or use for photo verification
  • For video verification you may use YouTube Data viewer, YouTube Data viewer or download the InVid browser extension,
  • For regular updates on COVID19 you may navigate to or for government website, having an extension. (.
  • Consider the age of the websites displaying content related to COVID19
  • Be aware of the Deep Fakes also known as Face Swap Videos
  • Only interact with emails from known senders. Check the link of an embedded URL by hovering the cursor over the link. Use caution when interacting with email attachments.
  • Be wary of third-party sources spreading information about COVID-19. Refer to official healthcare organisations or government websites for updates on COVID-19.
  • Report suspicious emails and computer activity to the appropriate department or party for further investigation.


  • Fact Check before forwarding i.e. (India’s Best Fact Checking Organisation)
  • Don’t forward any content that You Don’t Own.
  • Forward content only from or a government websites, having an extension. ( related to COVID19.
  • Originating or Forwarding a fake message in COVID19 difficult times, could get you behind bars for more than year through, Section 54 National Disaster Management Act 2005
  • Don’t click or any unknown emails / attachments / links / maps, mentioning COVID19 - Scammers are using Phishing Tactics in the name of Charity, Help Desks, Maps & Selling Masks, just to steel your identity or money from you.

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