Cyber Talk

Cyber Talk

First of Kind, Organisational Social Responsibility Initiative in India

Advocacy for Digital Safety Through News Papers:

  • (Ideally an Existing End Now Foundation Full Time Activist who is Trained / Mentored by End Now Foundation Core Team, Telangana Today Team and Industry Experts)

Cyber Talk Program Objective:

  • Advocacy on Digital Safety
  • Accessible Information to All
  • Reduce Victims of Cyber Crime
  • De Addiction Support

Contributions by Cyber Talk:

  • One Article A Week (Every Tuesday)
  • Explain About the Days Topic
  • Use Case Explanation
  • Explaining Modus Operandi
  • Safety Guarding Tips
  • Known Issues as reported by Press / Police
  • Taking Random Feedback / Surveys
  • Note: Cyber Police / Cyber Lawyers / Psychiatrist / Cyber Safety Experts Opinions and Expressions will be written in the Articles

Teams Involved:

  • Advocacy on Digital Safety in Association Telangana Today News Paper
    • Telangana Today News Paper: Publish & Out Reach
    • End Now Foundation: Content Provider

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